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An alternative to the traditional agency approach, Mora Consulting is a team of talented industry professionals, well versed in the creation of award winning interactive projects. A combined total of over 20 years experience in the industry working with Fortune 500 clients ensures that your project will be created using high end agency talent without the inflated agency cost. We specialize in creating customized internet solutions that utilize cutting-edge design and sophisticated development methods, and that focus on the complete end user experience

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what can we do for you?

Software Development

We pride ourselves in providing solutions best fit for the project at hand.  Whether it’s building custom software, interactive websites, or mobile applications, we’re comfortable with all major development technologies as well as most major software development methodology.  We emphasize problem solving, user experience, and test driven approaches.


We use our years of experience to provide software consulting.  Some examples include Sharepoint setup and implementation, network setup including server virtualization (VMWare, AWS), implementing Content Management Systems, and data migration.

Putting out fires

What we love best!  Sometimes there’s a seemingly unattainable deadline, a software bug that can’t be fixed, software that’s undocumented or a compromised system.  We can take the heat, and love resolving problems.

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